April Preview

This month my tech genius hubby, Andrew and I celebrate 10 years of marriage.  Yay!  Even better, we’re heading over to the States for a 2 week 2nd honeymoon while my parents look after our girls.  I’ve got April’s interviews sorted, but I may be a bit slow in replying, so thanks in advance for understanding.

Rey Brown from I Like Family and I have started up a Closed Facebook Community for people who have family related podcasts.  If you have a family related podcast and would like to join email me at sarah@theparentalist.com for more info.

We’re starting up The Parentalist Pro Tips.  I know you have some business or parenting gems that other parents would really benefit from.  Tweet them to #TPProTips or get in touch via our website www.theparentalist.com.

A big thank you to all of you wonderful people who have subscribed and reviewed The Parentalist, it honestly means the world to me.

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This month we’ve got a ; an actor who started out shy; a Networking Queen; and a passionate entrepreneur with an inspiring story and a coach who wants to help other children’s coaches out.  I know you’re gonna love April, because I sure do!


<3 Sarah