August Preview

It’s August!  My youngest Sophie, turns 4 this Saturday.  She’s having a Pirate party and is very excited about it.  I took her to have her hair cut today, and the hairdresser asked her what she wanted.  She didn’t know.  The truth is she’ll be happy no matter what she receives, she’s just that kind of kid.

I want to say a BIG thank you to:

Bently Davis, Hector Avellaneda, Defeat the Drama, TW @ IREL podcast, Carmichs, Denny Krahe, Eddie Yoon,  Andy Z, Take Action Radio and Taylor White for your reviews whether it was on iTunes and Stitcher.  I feel so encouraged by them.

“Sarah is one of the most genuine hosts I have ever had the privilege of listening to on a podcast. She invites wonderful guests and then engages with them on a level found in very few podcasts. I find myself inspired by the stories and using some of the ideas presented with my family AND business. Keep up the amazing work.”
Take Action Radio Rye Taylor

This month we’ve got a couple who have discovered the art of communicating about money; A Mummy Entrepreneur who stopped her child from making himself bleed; a New Zealand singer songwriter; and an exert on Parenting Young Adults.

I’ll be posting quotes from these amazing people in Twitter and Facebook, so make sure you share and tag your friends who would be encouraged by these stories.

I’m doing quite well in my training.  I ran 30km a couple of Fridays ago, and this week I ran 14km on Monday and today Wednesday.  I’m hoping to do 30k again on Friday, but my eldest Caitlin has her audition for her school’s Talent Quest, you know with her Pumpkin Soup song at 10.20am, so I’ll need to get up around 4:30 to be out the door at 5am to get back and get ready.  Sounds like a challenge doesn’t it?  I’ll see how my knees feel on the day.

Have a wonderful August Mums and Dads.  See ya!