Diane Hurford

Diane Hurford has recently been awarded the Best Product/Service Mumtrepreneur Award for her product Brolly Sheets.

Diane was inspired to make Brolly Sheets after hitting her head against the top bunk and having trouble getting her daughter back to sleep in the middle of the night after changing her bed.  “That came came from the necessity of my own children.”

She quickly got buy-in from her daughters friend who wanted one too “It wasn’t about being a waterproof sheet it was to make her bed look cool, because of the colours.”

Diane is currently designing a line for Special needs and the elderly.  “We try to come up with products that give people dignity around their everyday life.  That are easy to wash, easy to look after, and affordable as well.”  You can see why I wanted to interview Diane so much.  I love her philosophy.

Diane’s product is so well received she was told about her brolly sheets at an upmarket department store. “These are advocates out there that love the product and are happy to talk to a complete stranger in a department store to tell them about my product.”

Diane has a new product Snazzy Pants she is wanting to campaign “Just 3 a Day.”  If you just used 3 cloth nappies a day, you could save $1500 over 3 years and save 3000 nappies going to a land fill.

Diane recommends:

Charity: ERIC
Internet: Facebook.com
Book: EcoMan by Malcolm Rands
Book: If Only They Told Me by Jacqueline Lockington and Natalie Cutler-Welsh

Diane’s top tips on getting your product known:

  1. Will people buy it?
  2. Is there margin to make a profit?
  3. Unless it’s a passion don’t do it.
  4. Advertising ~ Within two adds, I expect to have doubled the price otherwise I don’t invest again.
  5. Advertising ~ We’ve asked everybody how they heard from us.

“Enjoy the moment!  Who knows how many moments we’ve got.”

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