We’re on the Move – February 2015 Preview

Hi Mums and Dads  It’s February 2015 and I’m feeling relieved.  We’ve had a lovely retreat here in Pauanui and it’s been a brilliantly fine day so I’ve got lots of washing done before we move on tomorrow.

In 3 sleeps we fly out to Austin Texas and in 2 sleeps it’s my eldest’s 7th birthday.  For those of you who don’t know I’m going to be home schooling Caitlin for the next 6 months, which is not my first choice, but as I read recently in Joyce Meyer’s You Can Begin Again, B is for Better. 

We started our school term a bit earlier as we’ve been on a beach holiday this past week.  So I’ll be uploading this at a WiFi Hot Spot shortly, because we’ve run out of our phone data.  We’ve actually enjoyed been out-of touch a bit.

This month we’ve got some amazing parents who have achieved success in so many different ways.  If you’ve missed last months episodes, go back and listen.  They are super-inspiring.  This month we have a Park Ranger who values the art of story telling, and a Mumprenuer who broke both her legs while she was pregnant, a Dad who almost broke the world record for the most people who attended a webinar and there’s been a last minute change to our last guest, so I actually haven’t interviewed them yet.

Looking ahead to March, my friend and previous guest Jayne Albiston interviewed me, so that episode is coming out on my birthday week, and we’ve got a Mum who never thought having a child was possible.  I tell you we’ve got a great few months coming up and a whole lot of people on my list to interview when we’ve touched down in Austin.  I’m at place now where I can start to be picky.  So I’m going to make sure I’m brining you only the best my friends.  That doesn’t necessarily mean well known.    I value your time and I want to make sure I’m bringing you inspiring people who will make you think I could do that too.

(Sorry the Wifi didn’t work, this is a day delayed)