June Preview

Welcome June!

Andrew and I had a fabulous time away and we’re back rearing to go.  I even went for a run today the first day of training for a Marathon.  I haven’t committed yet, but I’ll see how my training goes in the next few months whether it’s likely or not.  My first day I’ve run 2.5 kilometres or 1.5 miles in 20 minutes, so I’m pretty happy with that.

I’m finally starting to follow my husband’s advice and the advice of my fellow podcasters and not edit as much.  What I’m going to do is tell you in the intro if there are a few bumps in the audio.  This way I can spend my time finding and interviewing great guests rather than behind the scenes.  I’m super nervous about it all as I’m such a control freak, so, I would love to hear your feedback.  Email me at: sarah@theparentalist.com

Review thank you to:

Tokyo Frank “Great job…Work Life balance is really important and I’m glad you’re takling this…THank You

Craig @Modernpreneur.com “Finding balance in one’s life is hard enough, but adding kids into the mix is both a blessing and a challenge at times.  Sarah keeps the topics approachable and I could never tire listening to her voice.  It’s the perfect way to reset parental priorities and to find some inspiration once a week.

Twitter I want to thank @karmakrowd for their kind tweet. @PatrickTSouth for his kind words and @BillionSuccess Thanks Herby for sharing about the Jaime Tardy and Ben Sardella Interviews, I really appreciate it 🙂

We’ve been using Feedburner for statistics and we’ll soon be moving to Sound Cloud.  But what I can tell you, since I last looked, early May is we’ve been averaging 4-500 downloads per episode and sometimes double that.  In USA iTunes we’re on line 11 in What’s Hot in Kid’s and Family and  29 or 30 for Education.  This is the 7th month of The Parentalist and in NZ we’re still on the homepage of What’s Hot in Business, Education and Kid’s and Family.  So thank you to everyone for spreading the word, whether it’s on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or by taking the time to write a review.  I really appreciate it and it validates what I do.  So thank you so much 🙂

Our guests this month are awesome to say the least.  First we have a twitter expert who likes to look at the big picture;  An Author of Children’s chapter books; ready-to-read; and picture books, she is a delight; A Voice-over artist who had me terrified and heartbroken all in half an hour!; Finally for all the solo Dad’s out there, you will be really encouraged by the story of this wonder woman who is pushing the limits in business and how business is done.  Once again we are blessed with amazing guests who are going to inspire you and help you with the work-life-family balance.

All the very best