May Preview

Wow I can’t believe it!  May signifies The Parentalist has been going for 6 months now, that’s awesome.  We’ve got May all lined up and June and July are looking great too.  I genuinely feel inspired and motivated to be a better person and a better parent after talking with these amazing people and I know you feel the same.

Andrew and I will be almost near the end of our holiday when this airs, so I’m recording this late on the 16th of April.  So, please forgive me if I miss you in the Review Thanks.  I’ll add you to next month.

A big thank you to:

Robert Barnard; JOCoach15; gobluequeen; CFO Thought Leader; TheOverwhelmedBrain; Marty from The Grow Maine Show

So our May Line Up.  We have the exclusively with a famous writer who’s work went viral I mean 6 Million views viral and I say exclusive, because The Parentalist is the very first podcast interview they have had – awesome huh!  Next we have an entrepreneur who I’m going to interview early May, hot off the completion of their venture.   We have a Television presenter with 20 years experience in Media.  We have a truly inspiring story of a severe injury that turned into a complete lifestyle change that is impacting thousands.  We end the month with two lovely and top nutritionists from USA and are up to date and all over social media.

As I said, it’s the middle of April, when I’m recording this, but May is look-ing good.  When I’m back, I’ll be re-energised to go to the next level.

Have a great May and be in touch I’d love to hear from you!


– Sarah