November Preview 2014

Hi Mums and Dads, it’s The Parentalist’s 1st birthday and you may have noticed I’ve started blogging.  I do love to write, so I might write quite a few posts this month then get into a slower routine of putting one out a week.  At the end, today I’ll share more about what I’ve got planned for our Birthday this month.

If you do read an article and like it please right a comment so I know 🙂  I know my recent Marathon post is getting a lot of views, so thanks for that 🙂

I just finished interviewing Jared Easely from Podcast Movement today.  It was awesome!  His interview is coming out in January, and I tell you January is packed with big guns, it’s amazing.  Recently I’ve had 3 guest recommend 4 guests each.  I can tell you that The Parentalist is looking good for another year of awesomeness.

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Thanks for your kind reviews it really helps other Mums and Dads find out about The Parentalist and be encouraged.

So this month we start off with a Tech Start-Up Queen, next a NZ Christian Radio personality , a Natural Skin Care Entreprenuer who has won several awards, and a Man who is teaching his preschoolers work ethic in a fun way.  I loved talking with my guests and I know you’ll love it too.

So as some parties go, The Parentalist one is not quite going to plan.  My eldest daughter is home sick this week so I’ll launch the competitions next week.  I’m currently recording 3-5 minute Video clips for the competitions to be a bit different.  So when they come out please enter and share with anyone you think might like to win.  To name a few, we have a 15 Minute Public Speaking tips with a Media Expert of 20 years, a Baby magazine and I might just give away a copy of our books.  So my birthday is all about giving to you.  Because I love giving and I think you’re awesome.

Have a wonderful November

See Ya!