October Preview

I’m pretty happy it’s October, but, I’m actually more excited about next month November, which is The Parentalist’s First birthday.  Wahoo!!!  I’ve got a few things planned, so make sure you sign up to our email newsletter so you don’t miss an episode or what’s happening that week.

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So I completed the North Shore Marathon earlier in September.  I learned so much, that I feel there’s going to be a blog post coming in the next couple of weeks about some life tips.  Thanks to Andrew for taking the pic of me crossing the finish line with my girls.  I loved it!

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Hey, this month we have: an elite business woman; an award winning entrepreneur; a successful entrepreneur who consciously plans overseas experiences for his family as part of his year; a Mom at 41; and an entrepreneur who creates fabulous experiences as gifts.

You may have noticed The Parentalist has a new logo and website.  Let us know what you think 🙂

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